#ScionRPG - Generation S

Here We Go Again...
"Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Terra Incognita Security..."

Hey Maeve:

Prepare for me to have to repeat pretty much all of this when I see you next. I’ve knocked together a personal Cipher that you should be able to interpret easily enough, but this place where I am now has paranoid enough levels of security that I sus[ect even this won’t get out unimpeded. The earlier email I sent out (which was as clean as could be) went out at Australian dial-up speed.

Though, as I’ve learned, there’s a good reason for that. (The security, I mean, not the slow internet speeds.)

Turns out that there are Divine parents who (unlike mine) can’t be persuaded to leave their sprogs more-or-less to their own devices…and those who (again, unlike mine) don’t dare leave them out in the open where Fate can have Its way with them. This….“school” where I’ve found myself is made up up entirely of Scions who fall into both categories. While I’;m not (yet) privy to everyone’s private information yet, it looks as if everyone who’s passed through these halls (there’s apparently a couple students who’ve left) somehow or another became too hot pre-Visitation for their respective Gods to shepherd. Madison picked the wrong kid to come out to. Shinjiro got wrapped up in a scheme of his Parent’s that apparently went South. Chris got hooked up with a Band working wit the Titans. Anne and both of the departed kids ended up drawing attention from a bunch of monotheists apparently too powerful/tricksy/whatever for the Gods to collectively smite. All things considered, it was probably inevitable that I ended up here.

Oh, and totop it all off? She visited me again. On the bright side, her hinting at our “arrangement” in front of everyone (so that they’ll mistrust me) suggests that she’s afraid she just might. Which, to me anyway, suggests that I’m on the right track.

—Lemme get back to you. Looks like Anne just passed out, in the midst of sassing back to Shinjiro’s parent (Hachiman, BTW). Will update, assuming this doesn’t turn into general Scion-cide, anyway,)

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