The Hand of Tyr

Opposing band who kidnapped Baelic Gothenberg shortly before confronting, fighting, and being routed by the Generation S Class in combat at Gettysburg. The Hand of Tyr appeared to be in league with The Order of Divine Glory, and acting under the orders of one Georgia Standish. Anne knew Standish from before her Visitation, and was apparently angry enough with her to order an immediate attack.

The Hand sustained heavy damage during this battle: of the Band’s six members, one was killed, two wounded, and two more disabled by mental attacks (one self-inflicted). In contrast, Generation S was unharmed, save for Shinjiro losing himself to Ashura and killing one T.J. Moon. This drew the wrath of Moon’s divine father, Tsukuyomi, and provoked a confrontation between Shinjiro and the rest of the Class.

While unsuccessful in accessing the gate leading to the Trial for Kendall Henry (who had departed the school several months prior), they were able to rescue Baelic, who enrolled in the school following his Visitation by Baldur and Freyr.

Known Members:

  • Tyrone Norris – Leader
  • Amelia Battelle (Sustained self-inflicted psychological damage at Gettysburg; current status unknown)
  • Joan Davis (Wounded at Gettysburg; current status unknown)
  • Niles Horne
  • Travis “T.J.” Moon, Jr. (Killed at Gettysburg)
  • Blair Thomas (Wounded at Gettysburg; current status unknown)

The Hand of Tyr

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